03 Dezember 2007

The best pictures from the whitest beaches

Today’s the day! Isabel and I start our (hopefully) terrific holiday!
Our bags are packed, we said bye-bye to Fletcher and our mates from the hostel. At 2pm, we’ll hop on the train to Sydney, stay there for two days and then take the plane up to Darwin. Just booked a hotel in Phuket, beautiful. Oh man, it’ll be awesome!

In Sydney, we’ll have to meet some mates, take some pictures and buy a guidebook for South-East Asia, before everything is done and we’re ready to relax.

Since the last post, there was quite some stuff happening here: Markus, our beloved chef, left for New Zealand. We figured out, that he was my longest travel mate here in Australia! Woohoo! Some more guys left, off to Sydney, probably the reason, why the hostel feels a little empty now. And, as if that was not enough, our free WLAN was cancelled! The owner found out, that we had hacked his computer, and stopped our surf-orgies. *sob*

Isabel and I enjoyed our last days at Fletcher’s, earned some more dollars and I was really touched by how many people wished us a great honeymoon-holiday. Awesome. If we would have stayed for a little longer, we could have found great mates in that abattoir, I reckon.

Well, even though we’re about to leave – we found them. Had some fun partys in the major night club, the “Commercial”. And it’s just amazing how everyone talks to you as if you had been best friends for ages... I love Australia!

So, today is our last day in Dubbo. We had some nice weeks out here, now sent two parcels back home, to save on weight, answered almost all our emails and blogged our latest news. Few days ago, we bought some santa-hats, so we’re ready to send the best pictures from the whitest beaches – soon. :-)

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