16 Januar 2008

Meeting her Mum...

Isabel sneaked in through the gate. I heard a scream, some laughter, and then two voices talking. I could imagine, the second voice must belong to Chris, Isabel’s Mum. And only seconds later she stood in front of me, spreading her arms, ready to wrap ‘em around me like a long-lost son, who just came back. It is true, we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, something like 20 years or so, but still – I would have never expected such a warm welcome! Sadly, Michael, Isabel’s father, had left Luang Prabang the evening before, and wouldn’t be back until Wednesday. But – Mum and daughter were happy to have each other again.

Chris took us out for some delicious dinner at a place called “Blue Lagoon”, and I decided I would pay my “debts” here – on my last evening.
After the desert (which we ate at another place) we strolled back to the car and drove home. Isabel and I unpacked our stuff in our huge apartment, more luxurious than anything else we have lived in together. So far. :-)

Next morning started with a shock: It was not that brilliant breakfast, served by a shy-smiling maid. It was Chris, who told us, her mobile had been stolen overnight. Incredible. Someone had climbed that little wall, without being noticed by any of the nightguards, broken into the upper apartment and taken the little cell phone. Nothing else, but a missing phone is enough, with all the numbers gone and nobody knowing you’re unreachable.

Anyway – Chris managed to smile somehow. We took the bikes and went off for some sight-seeing.
After some temples and a café-experience (“Joma”), we were back home early enough to watch a stunning sun sinking down behind the hills, illuminating the water of the Mekong in a really magical way...

Chris was adopted as our tourguide. And she did a damn good job. Next day, she brought us to a waterfall, which name is so complicated to spell, that I can’t remember it.
It was a beautiful day, but we were a little late, so the sun was already about to hide as we reached those turquise waters. It was amazing, that place.

Isabel and I went for a swim, but the water was not to any extent as warm as it should have been to make us feel comfortable. It was a short swim, but – we’ve been into the xxx waterfall! *g*

On our way back, we found a tiger woman lying in his “cage”, bored from its loneliness and all those bloody tourists outside, taking pictures (sometimes even with flash) and staring through the mesh.

Oh the way back home, we stopped at a non-touristic little village, which Michael and Chris had discovered on one of their numerous exploration-tours. Two boys followed us through the streets, a soccer ball under the ones arm.
We ended up down at the river, and I started a soccer match immediately. All of a sudden, another two boys appeared, and then four more. Oh yeah, we had great fun. I was exhausted pretty soon, and joined Isabel and Chris, who sat there in the sand and watched the Meking flowing, who were sunk in a conversation.

After a while, we were ready to head home, and the boys were so busy with playing soccer, they probably didn’t even notice we left.

Next two days were full of more sight-seeing, a shopping tour, many delicious meals / fruit- & milkshakes / ice-creams and the preparation for Michael’s comeback.
Isabel and I spent some time in our spacious apartment, enjoyed the internet connection, some movies from Chris and a lot of talking and a lot of snuggling. It was an awesome time!

Wednesday evening, the three of us hopped into the pick-up and drove towards the airport...

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Baby, we had the time of our lives!
Why don't I have those Pics!?!?!
They are great!