26 August 2007

My first week underground

After 13 hours of train and bus I had a really sore bum that Sunday night. Richard, my new boss, came to fetch me at the bus station, which is 120km away from the Undergroundmotel, where he brought me to.

Everything was dark, seemed as if everyone had gone to bed. But two other Germans were still awake: Markus, the new chef, and Martina, boss of the bathrooms. They have both arrived within the last week, are backpackers as I am and just out here to earn as much money as possible.
Accomodation is for free, food on working days as well, on our days off we have some basic stuff in the kitchen, like pasta, bread, buttter and jam. That’s all you need, as a backpacker, I don’t think I’m gonna spend much money out here. Just for chocolate... :-)

Next day I started work, helped preparing breakfast, made beds, vacced the floors, did the laundry... at aroung lunchtime, we were finished, got a few hours spare time to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine, in the evening I got back to work as a waiter, serving food for 25 persons. Easy job.
In the afternoon I had a little look around. It’s a beautiful place! The Motel has 33 rooms plus the staff quarters, of which all except of two are dug into the earth. Pretty cold down there, you always need long clothes, but I think, in the heat of the summer we’ll be incredible happy about a cool place to hide!

White Cliffs itself is a little village, 200 people in summer, 70 in winter. There’s a post office, a hospital (with a flying doctor!) and a corner store, where you’ll find bread, nutella and cookies. But you can’t afford them. *g*
Richard is a really cool boss, we sat more than one night together, sharing some drinks and talking until late. Steve and Chris, the two managers, showed me how to work roperly, they’ll go overseas next week, to Alaska. The other Germans and I are here to replace them. And us, the three backpackers, get along quite well with each other, had a movie night and some cooking sessions... all good out here. So far. Hope, it’ll still be in two or three months time.
There’s a lot of work out here, I got 42 hours in just 5 days. Now, there’s a new girl in training, Denise, from ... Germany. That’s why Martina and I have two days off, before Steve and Chris will leave and we’ll be back to duty!

My 2nd visa is almost granted, I got a bridge visa, and need to do some chest x-rays. Don’t know, what for, but that’s the law. Well, hope, I can get them done in Wilcannia, otherwise I’d have to go to Broken Hill, which is 350km away. Expensive ride...

Sun is shining out here, more, than I expected it to be, no a single drop of rain, and the temperatures are pretty warm. It’s still winter... in summer, it gets up to 50° out here! Damn. Will be happy, if I can work underground, then. *g*

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