12 August 2007

A new beginning

Welcome everyone to my blog! After Tim and Laura, my two best mates from Germany, have left the country today, I decided to switch this blog into English. After I’ve been travelling around Australia in the last eleven months, I should have learned enough to tell my story in a foreign language... well, we’ll see.
Anyway, this is how things are: I’m in Rockdale, just a few minutes east of the Sydney airport, on a caravan park. I’ve surrounded Australia in a beautiful campervan, Woolly, which is now to be sold as soon as possible. I’m broke, I need the money and the freedom to travel somewhere where they need workers, waiters, pizza drivers or anything like that. To be honest: I don’t have a single clue, where I’ll end up in two or three days time, I don’t know, how much money I’ll get from my tax return or from the sale of my beloved van, and I don’t know if I’ll get my second visa or not. But that all doesn’t really matter, I’m here in Australia, and there’s one thing I’ve learned since I’ve been travelling around: There’s always a solution, no matter, what happens. And now I’m gonna find this solution. Come away with me and experience a world of freedom, spontaeinity and my inbred love of life!
Cheers for being here, the author

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