26 November 2007

First foot in Thailand

As you might have guessed after reading my last post, our job interview at Fletcher’s went all good. It wasn’t really an interview, we just had to see the doc, who checked, that we are drug-free, and met an other guy, who told us, how much we’re gonna earn. That was it.
The next day was induction day. Approx. 25 newbies, two supervisors and a lot of talking. A lot of bloody boring talking. I fell asleep twice, even though I only attended the meeting for 6 hours, before I pretended to have a doctors appointment. In fact, I really had one, but noone would have cared if I hadn’t.
The topic about all the talking was ... ermm ... I’m not quite sure, but I’d reckon ... Fletcher’s. Or sth. like that. Maybe I was a bit distracted by trying to catch some sleep...
Anyway – the others told me, there had been a test after I had left, and the supervisors hadn’t asked for the answers but told them to their listeners. Well... they seem to need us workers desperately. :-)
The good thing about that is – they also need us in the arvos! And as I said last time I blogged, there’s quite good money to be made. So we work like 50 or 60 hours a week, get enourmous sums of money and are some sort of happy with that. Happy enough to keep going. One week remaining. Thailand is waiting!

Two weeks ago, we got some qoutes from various travel agencies about flights from Sydney to Phuket. The cheapest price those professionals could find was about 1100Au$!!! Damn. How should we pay that? We earn some money, but we don’t want to throw it away for a flight!
Well, so I started my own research. The hostel provides us with Wireless Lan, so all is good. I really managed to build up a funny route, which is a little cheaper than the quoted fares were. From Sydney we’ll fly to Brisbane, from there straight on to Darwin and stay there for three days. Next stop is Bangkok, and then we’ll hop in the plane to Phuket. That’s four flights, instead of one, and they all add up to ... 550Au$!!! Oh man, I was so proud of myself, I would have loved to dismiss all these lovely smiling, but completely incompetent ladies who shocked us a whole afternoon long!
Yep – we hit the “book”-button immediately. So I’ll leave Australia after almost 15 months on December 3rd...

The work at Fletcher’s is not too exciting: I changed departments, so now I have to change the sheep from one chain to another, vacuum them and ram some plugs up their asses. Have never seen so many assholes in my life before – probably not even added up together!

So we have to do some fun-stuff in our few spare hours: We love to play soccer, basketball, watch movies, have a huge BBQ, some pool-party or go out with the hostel-crew, which sometimes comes up to 15 young fellas. Oh yeah!

Isabel and I celebrate our 2. month today. Woohoo. And we’re still getting along really, really well with each other, get up in the morning, have brekkie, bike to work, have our breaks together, drive home side by side and then do what we have to do – shopping, the laundry, chill out...
Weekends are always great, last week she woke me up with some hot chocolate and a beautiful prepared brekkie – ready to eat! What else could I wish for?

Well... maybe my 2nd visa. The government hasn’t mailed me anything yet, but that doesn’t matter – even if they decided to throw me out, two weeks time would be more than enough to leave the country.
Aifs has extended my mail storage, after I wrote them a really angry email... all good.
And – christmas is coming! We’Re trying to find some nice Santa-hats, to take the best pictures on the best beaches in Thailand. You might get a little jealous, if I tell you, that we’re sweating here with 35°C every day, but you will get even more jealous, if you’ll get to see those pictures... :-)

Anyway – tomorrow is another at Fletcher’s, eight hours only, overtime has been cancelled, after school has finished and heaps of schoolies are trying to earn some bucks for lollies and stuff. *Arrgh* Isabel and I answered by working on Saturday: You get paid double the normal wage – from the first minute on – and just do some cleaning, some standing around and take some pictures. Definitely worth it! *g*

All in all, it’s not too bad here in Dubbo. We keep our good spirit up by studying our payslips – over and over again. And then we realize – we’re already standing with our first foot in Thailand!

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