11 September 2007

One year away from home!

365 days have passed by, since I’ve left Germany. 365 days on my own, far away from my family, most of my friends or any relatives – even though they were always with me, with their thoughts, accompanying and supporting me with emails, texts, letters, postcards or phonecalls. Thanks for that!
1/20 of my whole life! Incredible! Almost unbelievable, if you note, that the longest period I’ve been travelling for on my own before Australia was less than 3 weeks, when I took off to the yearly holiday camps to Greece, France, Denmark or somewhere in Germany.
I’m really proud of myself. It wasn’t always easy, thrown into the cold water, all of a sudden on my own on the other side of the world! I had never had to go shopping, do my own laundry, think about a place to stay overnight or care for transport before. Not really. It was all provided from home. Then, suddenly I found myself down under, and had to organise everything by myself. On the one hand, it’s pretty hard, of course, to get used to all those duties you should take care of, on the other hand, I’ve never felt this kind of freedom before! Do whatever you want to do, go, whereever you want to go, whenever you want to go, the way you want to go... it all felt so unreal! No one there, who told you, what to do, no obligations, no time limits, no nothing – just me, myself and I.
It all worked out perfect, I surrounded Australia, met great people and saw places, which other people will never discover, probably not even in their dreams!

It wasn’t all planned, of course. It just happened. I had the dream to get to know Australia, but no clue how, with whom, and what to experience on the way.
First, I wanted to work in Sydney for a couple of months, ended up in Finch Hatton Gorge, where I earned my 2nd visa, as it has turned out. I never even thought seriously about applying for a 2nd visa at that stage, but well, that’s how things went. Two amazing girls and I explored the South Coast together, they sold me our campervan, I found heaps of jobs, my four mates from Germany arrived in Australia without any problems and we discovered the West, the North and the East Coast together as well as the Red Center. The first part of the journey ended in Sydney, where it all began, and just by chance I heard about the job opportunity out here, where I’m stranded now and am still happy about the way things turned out. Oh dear – if someone had told me that one year ago, I probably would have laughed about his fantasy...
The day after tomorrow, I’ll celebrate one year Australia. Incredible. Time passes by so quickly...

I wanted to thank all of you for reading this blog, for being interested in my story, for taking part in my life. Special thanks to my parents, my sister, my brother, to all my relatives and friends – I could have never reached the point where I am at at the moment, without knowing that there’s always someone to rely on, someone I could run back to, someone who’d cover me in case everything goes wrong. This awareness kept me going in the (up to the present) greatest adventure of my lifetime. Thank you very much.

Currently I’m hoping to get my 2nd visa granted. The show must go on. And: It will go on. Cause: I haven’t discovered everything – but I tell ya, it’s on my list!

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